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Looking for new jigging spots June 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Susanne had booked 3 days fishing with us towards the end of June. The week before it had been raining a lot, but we were very lucky to get a break in the weather.

She gave me 3 missions. Number one was to catch her first fish popping, number two was to catch a wahoo, and number three was to catch a fish bigger than 20 kilo. The game was on!

We started the day off with some light trolling, running up and down a ledge that goes from 40 to 300 meters. The current was still pushing up against the wall creating a bit of an up welling, pinning the bait fish hard up against the wall. We kept on the deeper side, running the lures just past the bait fish and enticing the predators to strike from the depth. This produced some nice black fin tuna and a table worthy wahoo.

Once we had dinner sorted, we went into the channel and whipped out the topwater gear. But despite the amount of bait fish, the current was just too slack. We popped hard but had no strikes. I told her about a very decent top water mark on the outside, but it might be a bit of a gamble with the 15 miles an hour winds.

We decided to go for it, so we boosted out to the mark and found the current had just turned. We concentrated on the headlands and pressure points to maximize our chances. The water was getting funneled through the narrow passages and bait fish getting nailed every where. It was super exciting to see. I lined the boat up for a drift. The current was pushing us fast, so we had to be quick. First cast landed just meters away from the bait fish. A GT grabbed it straight away, Susanne didn't even need to pop the lure!

"You're on!!!....wind fast!!!" Unfortunately because of the slack line we weren't able to set the hook. The popper popped back to the surface, and Susanne started to wind it back.

"POP it! There are fish every where!" And BANG, another fish nailed the lure. Not wanting to lose another fish, Susanne set the hooks like a champion. Tight lines brought Susanne's first topwater catch back to the boat.

It was strike after strike with these GTs. No monsters but a ton of fun. All the fish were between 5 and 15 kilo. Dusk was soon approaching, and as we are so close to the equator here in PNG the sun sets almost instantly. We headed back to Doini Island where we were greeted by Mark and a few ice cold beers!

The Next day we did a mix of jigging and trolling to give our jigger a break. Trolling produced a bunch of mackerel and a rainbow runner, which soon went down as live bait. Shortly after it hit the water a massive shark tore it to pieces. Susanne was getting bored of just pulling fish in trolling, so we went to some fun shallow jigging marks. We caught so many different fish of all sizes. Two of the three of Susanne's goals were completed, but the 20 kilo plus monster was still evading us.

Our luck soon changed the next day when we hit a wall bursting with bait fish just before lunch. First drop and she got absolutely smoked on the PE 3, and then again! We soon upgraded to a PE 8 to see what the hell was nailing those jigs so hard!

First drop on the big rod and bang, she was on. You could tell it was a big fish as the big head shakes pulsating down the rod. The fish didn't want to come up from 45 meters, which was the top of the wall. With the weather closing in we put maximum pressure on the fish and pulled up this awesome 40-45 kilo GT.

Susanne was shattered, after releasing the fish, she needed a rest. This was when Kara dropped a jig. The same thing happened all over again! Kara was screaming that her back was going to snap in half! Being determined not to give up, she persevered and about 20 minutes later the 'cute' 40-45 kgGT hit the deck. After a few slippery shots of the fish falling off her lap, the fish was carefully released back to the water. Big fish and big seas are tough to photograph, especially when your photographer is holding the fish instead of the camera!

I had been keeping my eyes on the sonar, looking at all the massive marks we were seeing. This place was rammed full of big GT! What a insane new mark we found.

We would have stayed there all day if the wind didn't pick up and kick us off the jigging spot. Being 10 miles from the nearest shore it was best we called it a day.

New point marked, ready for the next trip!!!

Mission complete ;)

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