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With daily international flights landing in the capital, Daucina Charters is now easier to reach than ever.


Air Niugini, the national carrier of Papua New Guinea, flies directly to Papua New Guinea from Australia, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Tokyo and the Solomon Islands. Qantas and Airlines PNG operate services from Australia to Papua New Guinea.  At the present time, if you are flying from abroad you must transit in Port Moresby. 

Alotau is accessed from Port Moresby with regular scheduled commercial flights. Most travellers will have to spend a night in transit in Port Moresby, but there are some afternoon flights to Alotau on Air Niugini which will allow you to fly straight through. The flight schedule is subject to change, but at the time of writing these afternoon flights are offered on Saturdays. Port Moresby offers a variety of accommodation, ranging from 2-5 star hotels and they all offer free airport transfers.

Domestic hold luggage restrictions are 15 kilo per person, however if you are traveling from an international port you just need to confirm this at the check in counter and they will upgrade this to 32 kilo per person.

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Visitors must have a valid passport or internationally recognized travel document valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry into Papua New Guinea.

60 day Tourist Visas are available on arrival at Port Moresby for most countries. 30 day Tourist Visas are available for Australian passport holders. However it is recommended to obtain an online visa prior to arrival to Papua New Guinea. This is available from the online portal at a cost of USD $50. Click the link below to apply.



Malaria and other contractible diseases do exist in PNG. There are no obligations to receive any vaccinations prior to arrival, however we suggest you seek advice from your local immunization clinics.

It is your responsibility to obtain Medivac Insurance for yourself. As we will be fishing in such remote areas, if you need serious medical treatment you will almost certainly need to be transported to Port Moresby, Cairns or Brisbane.


There is a hospital in Alotau that can only handle basic medical needs. We always have a Satellite Phone on board in case of emergency.

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